‘It’s a race strip up here’: Speed limit reduced on Thomasville road infamous for crashes near Hasty Elementary School


THOMASVILLE, N.C. — Speeding and car accidents, some of which have turned fatal, are a serious problem on one street in Thomasville.

Monday, Thomasville City Council members unanimously voted to reduce the speed limit on Hasty School Road by 10 mph in order to make it safer for families living there.

Some neighbors in this area told FOX8 it even makes them nervous to check their mail because of how fast people are going.

The speed limit change was actually a request by the city’s police department because of so many accidents.

“At night there’s a lot more I think than during the day. But you hear them like it’s a race strip up here,” said concerned neighbor Joshua Caudle. “Most of them around 50 to 55 mph. Maybe some faster than that,” he said.

The speed limit is 45 mph on Hasty School Road. Monday, the city reduced it to 35 mph.

City officials said the reason for this is based on the number of crashes and the amount of speeding that has occurred along this road.

People who live on that road aren’t convinced that’s the solution to the on-going problem.

If they’re going to speed, they’re going to speed no matter if you have it at 55 or if you have it at 25,” Caudle said.

This is the same street that Hasty Elementary is located. That’s why it makes Caudle, who is a dad of three, nervous.

“There are a lot of children out here, and we have kids who are getting on the bus and things like that on this road. And there are people not paying attention. Something can happen,” he said.

Another issue discussed at Monday’s meeting was the four-way stop sign recently put up on Hasty Hill Road and Hasty School Road.

“There’s been so many wrecks at that corner. It’s just pitiful,” said another neighbor, Mickey Wall.

Wall lives near that intersection and says it doesn’t do enough to stop speeders.

“If they can spend money on this, they can spend money on a stoplight,” Wall said. “75 years we’ve been asking for one and we haven’t got one yet.”

Many neighbors said it’s up to police to enforce the new speed limit.

“They protect us, but they can’t be here all the time,” Wall said.

It’s about a block away from the school, and city council members are focusing on a few different solutions they think could make it safer.

When it comes to this four-way stop sign at the intersection of Hasty School Road and Hasty Hill Road, council members said it’s on part of the road maintained by the state—which means NCDOT handles it.

City council members said NCDOT did consider installing a turn signal on National Highway to make left turns onto Hasty School Road safer. The state has agreed to establish a left-turn-protected arrow in the afternoons between most likely 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.

They’re asking that any questions or ideas regarding speed limits near this intersection be directed to NCDOT.

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