Nadav Nirenberg says he got stolen iPhone back by ‘seducing’ thief

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A man who allegedly stole an iPhone was tricked by Nadav Nirenberg, the phone’s owner, when he started using Nirenberg‘s online dating profile.

Musician Nadav Nirenberg, 27, of Park Slope, Brooklyn posted on Facebook he lost his phone on his way to a concert on New Year’s Eve.

“It was immediately turned off when I called it,” Nirenberg wrote on his blog. “This dude was clearly keeping it.”

The next morning, Nireneberg noticed the thief was posting on his old OKCupid account and was sending strange messages to girls.

Nirenberg said the thief was using his photo and using his account to meet girls. That’s when Nirenberg decided to post as a 24-year-old girl and messaged him to “meet up.”

Nirenberg used a photo of an attractive woman plucked from Google Images and was able to get the thief to respond to his message.

A few hours later, he was headed to the thief’s apartment for a “date.”

Nirenberg met the thief at the door with $20 and a hammer. He offered him the $20 for the iPhone and the thief surrendered the stolen phone and ran away.

Nirenberg told the New York Post he likely will not file a police report.

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