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Investigators have spent years trying to pinpoint who killed Nancy Harvey inside of her business Atlanta Car Company. Her body was discovered by an employee on the morning of January 25, 2013.

“Whenever we have a homicide like this where there are absolutely no witnesses other than the ones that committed the offense, those make it very difficult,” said Captain Cory Mann of the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department.

He was one of the investigators who worked around the clock hoping to solve the case.

“Sitting here talking to you, I can see the images,” Mann said. “They were brutal. They were very brutal.”

That same morning, Harvey’s car was found almost two miles up the road from Atlanta Car Company just off Old U.S. Highway 52 where it meets with the U.S. Highway 52 Bypass. Investigators declined to say how they think it got there or what evidence they found inside.

The most compelling piece of evidence didn’t come out publicly until two years later during a news conference in 2015 held by then-Sheriff David Grice. The surveillance video shot outside Atlanta Car Company in December 2012 – just 52 days before Harvey was found dead– shows three people armed with guns wearing face coverings and tactical gear.

It was Harvey who turned the video over to investigators, but according to the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department, she declined additional security or patrols.

“She was a very, very tough woman from everything we heard,” Mann said. “And whether she felt like she could handle it or whether she felt like it wasn’t really a threat or if it was a fluke, we don’t know.”

But they are confident, according to Captain Mann, the people captured in this surveillance video know exactly what happened to Nancy Harvey. 

“I hope they see the interview, and I hope that they feel guilty once this is re-aired and brought back to light. And maybe…we can get some justice for Ms. Harvey and her family,” Mann said. “If anyone does have any information whatsoever, we ask them to let us know because it can fill in a gap that we have between people or locations and things. The only information that’s unusable is the information we don’t get.”