DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — For the first time on Friday, we heard directly from friends and acquaintances of Molly Corbett, who claim Molly opened up to them about abuse by her husband, Jason Corbett.

Some of the statements were referenced in Molly’s and her father’s, Thomas Martens, first murder trial but none of the women ever took the stand.

They detailed the verbal abuse they heard directly. None of them saw any serious physical abuse but heard from Molly it had happened.

These women all had similar stories. They said Jason tried to control what Molly wore and who she talked to.

Two of the women heard phone conversations where Jason was screaming at Molly and calling her names.

On Friday, the court heard story after story from neighbors, friends and even people who didn’t know Molly Corbett well about how Molly confided in them about the abuse going on in her home.

Molly’s neighbor at the time, Shannon Grubb, claimed Molly came to a neighborhood party one time with a toboggan on, pulled a bloody tissue out of her hat and told Shannon she’d had a fight with Jason before coming.

Another neighbor, Billie Jacobs, told the judge she knew sooner or later somebody was going to get hurt. She said Molly would tell her about Jason choking her to the point of passing out during sex.

When these friends suggested Molly leave, they said Molly would tell them it would be okay and that she didn’t want to leave the children.

It’s important to remember earlier this week, there was a video played in court of Molly’s interview with a detective hours after Jason’s death where the detective asked Molly if she told anyone about the abuse and Molly said no.

The state claims of the more than 50 people detectives interviewed, the five women called to testify Friday are the only ones who claim there were inaccuracies recorded in their original statements.

On Friday, the state honed in on information gathered from people who know the Corbetts. The attorneys conducted interviews where people say they heard Molly claiming to be the biological mother of Jason’s daughter, Sarah Corbett. They said she even came up with an elaborate story about birthing complications.

State attorneys also said Molly also lied about knowing Jason’s first wife and claimed she wanted Molly to be the children’s mother after she died. Molly was visibly irritated during this, leaning over and whispering to her attorney.

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The defense also spent time Friday morning discussing the blood on Molly’s pajamas and on the brick paver, which she used to hit Jason.

Molly’s attorney argued there was so much blood on the brick not because Molly hit Jason excessively, but because the brick could’ve soaked up blood from the carpet where it was sitting while Molly performed CPR on Jason.

Court reconvenes at 9 a.m. on Monday.