WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — Residents evacuated during the Winston Weaver Plant fire could soon be looking at reimbursement from city officials.

Winston Salem City Council is expected to decide on a proposal that would give back money to dozens of families forced to leave their homes during the evacuation on Jan. 31.

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During a finance committee meeting, council members and Mayor Pro Tempore Denise D. Adams announced a $1 million dollar Winston Weaver Fire Assistance Program.

With city council’s approval, leaders said the city would contract with a non-profit to distribute funding to residents within the mile radius based on needs, like hotel reimbursement or lost wages and hazmat clean up.

Officials said the money would come from general funds, and extra funds not used would be transferred back.

Last week the Weaver Company donated $100,000, a spokesperson for the company said $50,000 went to Love Out Loud, $25,000 went to The Second Harvest Food Bank, and another $25,000 was set aside in case of any additional needs.

Those funds were also for reimbursements, much like the million dollars the city is considering for fire evacuees to be used for hotel costs, food, and other issues the fire created for people in the one-mile radius.

The “Weaver Fire Assistance Program” was approved during the finance committee meeting to advance to full council Monday, February 21st.

City Council would then outline details of the assistance program, like when and how people can apply for it, and how much will be given.