GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — How do you heal something almost no physician has ever seen?

Dr. Charles Simkovich and some colleagues have developed a new protocol, over the last couple of decades that works to help concussion sufferers to return to normal.

Seventy doctors saw Caitlin Little, examined her and the anterograde amnesia from which she suffers and said they didn’t have any answers.  Dr. Simkovich has done a large part of the work that appears to have Caitlin on the road to recovery – her memory is, indeed, coming back – and it has some people thinking his work is a miracle.

“People think it’s a miracle until they figure it out and then you realize, okay, this is just basic science,” says Simkovich of his work.

He describes it as a combination of neurology, physical therapy and chiropractic.  The short description is it helps Caitlin’s skull return to its normal, constant movement which then allows not just better blood flow to her brain but better flow of the cerebrospinal fluid that is key to removing waste from the skull, in and around the brain.

 But Dr. Simkovich admits Caitlin’s case wasn’t easy.

“She was one of my worst patients,” he says about what he thought when he first examined her. “A lot of people come in and display two or three problem areas and a few cranial faults that can contribute. She had the findings of somebody who had multiple injuries who are older.  Her memory problem was pretty severe.”

After months of treatment, Dr. Simkovich believes Caitlin is making great progress.

“I think we’re getting close, I think she’s getting further along and it’s a pretty short time span – it’s been under a year,” Simkovich says.  “I did talk to her mother and say, again, once she gets traction, it’s going to go pretty quickly.”

It has – and Caitlin wants to match her recovery speed with catching up in life.

“She sat me down, she like, ‘I’ve got to get moving, I’ve got things to do!’,” says Caitlin’s mom, Jennifer.  “She’s like, I need to get my license, I need to get in school, I need to get a job.”

Caitlin is working on all that … but it’s going to take some time.  See more on Caitlin’s plans for the future, in this edition of the Buckley report.