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(WGHP) — More bills targeted at transgender people have been written in 2022 than any year on record. While some of these bills have died, many are still currently working their way through state legislatures and several have been signed into law.

Most of the bills target transgender children, whether it’s limiting access to gender-affirming care or banning transgender girls from playing sports on a team that matches their gender. Ohio recently passed HB 151 would require physical examinations for children playing sports who are accused of being transgender.

The Transformation Project has created a database of anti-trans legislation currently being proposed or passed in legislatures across the state. In addition, Legislative Tracker has a database of different laws regarding the LGBTQ+ community, and Fatherly has a breakdown of different anti-trans legislation introduced in 2022.

The atmosphere against transgender people has been heightened. 2020 and 2021 saw increases in violence against transgender and gender non-conforming people.

Protestors have begun battling at Pride Events, causing a scene during a family-friendly Pride event in Dallas. Protestors were heard on camera telling police to “go in there and put bullets in their heads” and asserting “that’s what the badge is for” as well as calling participants pedophiles and “groomers,” which has become a rallying cry in recent weeks.

4chan was open in discussing starting a misinformation campaign to paint the Uvalde school shooter as a transgender woman, using pictures of innocent trans women on the internet.

Apex, North Carolina recently canceled the Drag Queen Story Time part of their annual pride event due to threats.

North Carolina’s state senate passed a bill similar to one in Florida that critics call “Don’t Say Gay.”

While Florida hasn’t passed a law banning medical care for trans people, the Florida Department of Health released new guidelines on April 20th that recommend against gender-affirming care for youth in the state in any capacity, which doesn’t align with the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines. Texas has also not banned it, but Governor Greg Abbott called on the state to investigate parents of trans children for child abuse, though he’s faced lawsuits for it.

As a record number of legislation aimed at transgender people are proposed, we put created an interactive map so you can see the legislation that is still alive or has passed in 2022: 

Of the 28 bills active in the legislature, three bills regard trans people's access to bathrooms, eight restrict trans minors' access to healthcare, five are about school instruction and 11 regulate access to sports teams.

Of the 37 bills that have passed, five regard bathrooms, three regard access to legal documentation, six of them prevent trans minors' access to healthcare, two regard school instruction and 20 regard sports.

The governor of Utah vetoed their anti-trans sports bill, citing that only four trans children play sports in the state of Utah, but his veto was overridden and the bill passed.