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Anyone who’s ever looked for wrapping paper with a Black Santa knows it’s a challenge.

“As you know it’s hard to go into Walmart, Target, or those big box stores and find a Black Santa,” said Brooke Carrington. “So that’s what we plan to do. Fill that gap.”

Brooke Carrington started Wrapper’s Delight in October. She says the idea came to create a line of Black Santa wrapping paper came to her in the middle of the night.

“The goal for Wrapper’s Delight is to bring more options for spirit-filled celebratory gift-wrapping options for the culture,” she said.

It’s a family affair. Her husband, artist and graphic designer Xavier, works with her. Their children are with them for every trip to the post office.

“When I was coming up with the design, not only did I want to have moreso a traditional look for the Santa. I also wanted to celebrate the togetherness of the Black family. I didn’t want to leave Mrs. Santa out. So, I wanted to make sure I showed a loving family, which we need during this time of pandemic,” he said.

His design was also picked in Downtown Greensboro’s Holiday Window Decorating contest. It’s displayed in the window at Select Cycle on North Eugene Street.

“It has definitely been difficult in a sense when it comes to pushing the wrapping paper and getting it out there because we weren’t able to vend this year at a lot of locations like North Carolina A&T’s homecoming, that would’ve been a big opportunity for us to sell a lot of wrapping paper this year,” Brooke Carrington said. “And a lot of other opportunities out there that we missed out on for vending and doing hand to hand sales.”

But in a year that has seen racial and social unrest that prompted people to seek out Black-owned businesses with intentionality, there’s a market for Wrappers Delight.

“Representation definitely matters. And what we hope to instill in our children is that you can do and be anything you want to be. And the thing that I love most about what we’re doing is that my children see that they have two hard-working parents that go above and beyond to make their dreams come true. And to show them that Black is beautiful and we matter, and our culture matters.”

When FOX8 asked why the image of a Black Santa is so important, the answer was simple.

“I like to say why not?” Xavier Carrington said. “It’s been an overwhelming blessing. I’m inspired. I hope I’m inspiring other people. And I just want to continue to do what God blessed me to do.”

Wrapper’s Delight has wrapping paper and holiday cards. If you’d like to check them out, check out their website.

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