Improvements coming to Hamburger Square in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — A partnership between several groups will bring needed improvements to Greensboro’s Hamburger Square.

Greensboro Beautiful, a civic organization that maintains several public gardens, is leading the way. April Harris, with Greensboro Beautiful, explains the significance of the park at the intersection of South Elm Street and East McGee Street.

“It is really the place where our city started because the two rail lines. This is the place where Greensboro began,” Harris said.

These days, the green space is sandwiched between roads and busy train tracks. Greensboro Beautiful’s Randal Romie believes enhancing the square is a great idea.

“This is a very vehicular design in that it provided a way for the traffic to get under the train tracks,” Romie said. “We want it to be more pedestrian, people will come.”

To transform the park, Greensboro Beautiful is partnering with the City of Greensboro and others to improve the look and safety of Hamburger Square. The first step of the partnership is a $50,000 donation from the Christman Company. Remember, this is the same group that renovated the 1800s Cascade Saloon building.

“We are across the street,” Christman Company President and CEO Steve Roznowski said. “We do construction and we know how to make this stuff happen. We like to support it.”

In the spring, you will see tree and flower planting. Plus, Harris said there will be other enhancements so downtown residents and visitors can stop and watch the trains go by.

“So if we create a train viewing area, then it would be a safe place to gather and watch what’s going on. It’s a big part of our history and we want people to understand,” Harris said.

Table and chairs will be added to the new Hamburger Square so downtown diners will have a place to eat. Romie is excited by the project and can’t wait to get started in the spring.

“It is such a public space. It’s a real honor to be a part of it and help the downtown scene that continues to grow and grow,” Romie said.

Greensboro Beautiful will need to raise an additional $100,000 to match Greensboro’s contribution. Greensboro Beautiful is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

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