‘I’m not surprised you couldn’t hear him’: Davidson County neighbors shocked to learn glider crashed into trees


DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. — Monday afternoon, stuck behind a mosquito infested creek, a glider sits about 75 feet above the ground.

It hasn’t moved since its pilot crashed into the top of the tree sometime Sunday afternoon. 

The crash happened about 70 yards behind hole number 2 at the Sapona Golf Course in Davidson County just west of Lexington. 

The glider is described by NTSB officials as an “ultra-light” glider with no “N” number to detail it’s flight history. 

FOX8 was told the pilot is in serious condition at the hospital.

He did not leave from the Davidson County Airport. It is still not known from where or when the pilot took off on Sunday. 

Neighbors reported that they did not hear or see the glider crash into the trees. They also didn’t hear the pilot crying for help. 

“The woods behind number two green go back a fair distance,” explained Jeff Matthews who plays the course frequently and lives next to the tee box of the hole. 

“If he was back in there a good distance, 50 feet up in the air, I’m not surprised you couldn’t hear him,” Matthews said.

It’s unknown how long the pilot had been there since the crash or if he was thrown from the glider on impact or cut himself loose.

The NTSB and FAA have advised they are not in charge of investigating this case.

They said it falls on the insurance company or the local authorities to do so. 

Until then, the cause of the crash is still unknown. 

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