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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — IFB Solutions and their low vision center gave a special surprise to one Stokes County student.

The center learned about Michael Wishon after seeing a video on Facebook of the legally blind student getting bullied.

“Bullying is — it’s never easy,” Michael said.

His story inspired IFB Solutions to lend a helping hand.

“Michael’s vision was always our problem,” said Kelly Wishon, Michael’s mother. “It was never a problem for him.”

The low vision center hooked him up with some brand new frames and $1,000 worth of low vision products.

“I’m very grateful for it. I didn’t think it was that many good people in the world. I’m honestly quite shocked,” Michael said. “It’s very impressive to see all of the technology that is available today.”

Not only did the center provide physical support, but it also offered shoulders to lean on. IFB Solutions set Michael up with Tevin Price, a representative of the company that is also visually impaired.

“It just kind of helps you to know there’s someone that went through this and this is what they’re doing now,” Price said. “I’ll be OK. If they can do it, I can do it.”

With all these new resources and opportunities, Michael’s future is even brighter than ever.

“Out of everything bad, something good comes and this is one of those good things,” Kelly said.

Michael’s mother said access to these things wouldn’t be possible without IFB Solutions.