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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Wham! Bang! Thump!

The walls vibrate as the sounds of splintering plastic and shattering glass compete with the bass of a loudspeaker playing hip-hop music. You might think there’s a fight happening on the other side, but instead … there’s laughter.

Vonya Adams and Briseida Castro are at Break ‘N Bash, Greensboro’s newest entertainment venue, as reported by the News & Record. It’s a place where people pay to smash things. TVs. Computers. You name it.

Millia Edwards opened Break ‘N Bash last year. The Greensboro native is a 2018 graduate of Winston-Salem State, where she got a degree in vocational rehabilitation and received training in substance-abuse counseling and crisis intervention.

Of course, counseling doesn’t work for everyone.

“Not everyone wants to talk to somebody, but a lot of people find this relieves stress after a long day at work,” Edwards said.

Break ‘N Bash has three “break rooms.” Adams and Castro seemed a little tense before entering one, but they were all smiles when they came out.