‘I felt blessed!’ Surfer captures pod of wild dolphins leap from NC surf


DARE COUNTY, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – A pod of dolphins made a surprise pit-stop in Hatteras this weekend, shocking resident Brian McArther during a Sunday morning beach trip.

McArther was out on the beach, along ORV Ramp 55 near Hatteras Inlet, for two minutes when the chance encounter occurred. He was, fortunately, able to catch the big moment with his camera.

“I’ve lived here nearly my entire life and I’ve never seen them do anything like that. I felt blessed! I was in the water surfing right where they were jumping about two minutes before the show started,” McArther told FOX 46 Charlotte.

Dolphins can be spotted along the Outer Banks shoreline throughout the year, although sightings are most common in the winter. Though typically seen in pods of two or more, it’s rare to see these local residents fully jumping out of the ocean waves.

Dolphins are graceful, sleek swimmers that can reach speeds of more than 18 miles an hour. They are also playful and often frolic in a boat’s wake, leaping out of the water—possibly for fun, to communicate, or even shed pesky parasites.

Dolphins are intensely social mammals that communicate with squeaks, whistles, and clicks.

For more information on dolphins, please click here.

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