Husband donating kidney to wife for life-saving surgery


(credit: Marizza Aguilar/GoFundMe)

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SAN ANTONIO — A woman’s husband found out he was a kidney transplant match, and now a life-saving surgery is possible.

Marizza Aguilar, 28, was diagnosed with kidney disease 10 years ago, according to the family’s GoFundMe page.

She was on Peritoneal dialysis until 2012 when she got her mother’s kidney through a transplant.

Four months later, she married her high school sweetheart, Johnny Aguilar.

“He’s always had my back. He’s always been the best friend and the guy there to protect me,” said Marizza told WOAI.

In 2015, Marizza and Johnny had their first pregnancy but didn’t make it past the first trimester.

Shortly after, their son, Ozias was born, and then a year and a half later, their second son, Zaxon, was born.

Aguilar says that with each pregnancy, her transplanted kidney was damaged a little more.

In April, her kidney went into rejection and she is now back on Peritoneal dialysis.

Johnny is a match, so now Marizza is hoping to get the new kidney transplant in early 2020.

“…I was at work, results came back and they were like ‘Mr. Aguilar, we just want to let you know you’re a match for your wife’ and I was like ‘what?!’ Freaking out. This is awesome,” Johnny said.

Marizza says she couldn’t believe her husband was a match.

“I was just crying like ‘oh, my God,’ I’m so happy, but are you sure you want to do this? Are you for sure?” Marizza said.

The couple will be out of work for a few months and are reaching out to their community for help.

“I rather go through this surgery than see her having to lay in a hospital,” Johnny said. “Her boys need her. I need her at home.”

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