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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — Rachel Stas is excited to get married in Burlington Saturday.

She has been looking forward to this day since she got engaged last October.

“It’s been really fun. It’s been really a fun time,” she said.

But lately, the wedding planning has gotten a little stressful ever since Hurricane Irma became a factor.

About 190 guests were expected at the wedding, but the list has been dropping by the day.

As many as 20 to 30 people may not see Stas walk down the aisle.

“We’re just kind of planning for them to come and hoping that they can make it,” she said.

Some of the guests live in Florida and work in construction.

Stas says there are also local guests in the construction/utilities industry who might be required to go down to Florida to help.

She received an update from a groomsman Monday evening.

“We’re not sure if he’s even going to make it and he’s in the wedding,” she said.

Some of the decorations for the wedding may not make it either.

There are flowers being flown in from South America that must go through customs in Miami.

“Up to this moment we’re having to react to every little element that’s changing on a whim,” wedding planner Jennifer Ball said.

Ball is the owner of Knot Your Average Events and is no stranger to handling last minute details, but says couples should invest in cancellation insurance.

That policy would cover you should your wedding have to be called off because of being in the path of a hurricane or natural disaster.

“Now you have a policy that said all that time, all that money that you’ve been putting into that one day can be returned to you,” Ball said.

Even though Stas is experiencing some inconveniences related to Irma, it could have been worse were she getting married in an area that took a direct hit from the storm.

She is staying positive about Saturday and just hopes there are no hiccups with the honeymoon.

“We’re just trying to get to Jamaica,” she said.

This is not the only wedding impacted by Irma that we’re hearing about.

TriadWeddings Magazine tells FOX8 that some of its clients have had to adjust because of Irma.