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A mysterious rustling in the attic or bugs on the windowsill could be signs that winter pests have decided to call your house “home.”

From stink bugs to rodents, FOX8’s Natalie Wilson explains which critters are causing problems for Triad homeowners and how to get rid of them.

Scott McNeely, of McNeely Pest Control, says the best line of defense against insects like stink bugs and ladybugs is sealing.

But McNeely says you don’t want to actually do the sealing for insects during the winter “because if there happens to be insects in the wall voids. If you seal the cracks on the inside they are either going to die in there or they will come out on the inside.”

He says sealing is better suited for spring, summer and early fall. The best option now is to react.

You can seal openings that are prone to rodents any time. McNeely suggests walking outside your house to check for ventilation around foundation vents.