How to best clean your slippery driveway

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — If you’re like most of the Piedmont, chances are shoveling is in your very near future if you haven’t already.

After the big snowfall, many folks in the Piedmont had better things to do than clearing stairs and driveways.

“Check out our fort,” said 12-year-old Avery Williams. “We had an idea of a snowball fight, then we were like, well, we need a fort if we’re going to have a snowball fight because you’ve got to have cover.”

“I’m concerned because when it gets real cold in the morning, I have to take my grandson to basketball practice. I need to be able to get out,” said Ralph Williams, as he shoveled his driveway. “It’s pretty slushy now, so it’s not hard.”

Warmer temperatures thawed the thick snow and ice, but with more freezing temperatures expected for tonight, any moisture still left on stairs and driveways will refreeze and make it all that much tougher to clear over the weekend.

“If you can, go ahead and scrape your driveway while it’s a little melted. Then sprinkle snow melt. It will help any moisture not refreeze tonight. If you haven’t cleared your driveway, still put the salt down. It will melt through the ice, down to the concrete. Then it won’t be as tough a job later, even if it refreezes,” said Harold Lewis, manager of McKnight Harware on Bessemer Avenue.

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