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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — The Homes for Our Heroes Project hit a symbolic milestone this Veterans Day.

Renovations were completed on the first of five homes along Cameron Avenue in Winston-Salem that will provide permanent housing to homeless Piedmont veterans.

The organization behind the project, Whole Man Ministries of North Carolina, says three of the homes will be duplexes designated for homeless veterans. The remaining two will be 3-bedroom homes available for low-income families.

On Tuesday, dozens of volunteers, many veterans themselves, showed up to put the finishing touches on the first duplex.

Reverend Kenneth Holly, Director of Operations with Whole Man Ministries of North Carolina, says the very first veteran who is currently in transitional housing, is expected to move into the duplex within the next two weeks.

Aside from giving help to veterans, the project is helping to transform a section of Cameron Avenue and fix-up homes that have been an eye-sore in the neighborhood. Made possible with hours of volunteer work and donations.

Holly says the five houses were built with handmade bricks back in the 1930s so it was important to keep the original structure of the homes that were desperately in need of new electrical, plumbing and flooring.

Renovations will begin on the second duplex in the next month. A private contractor will be hired renovate the last two, single family homes.

That work is expected to begin Dec. 15 and finish February 2015.