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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A 7 year old is recovering from minor injuries after police say a car hit her and kept driving as she was crossing North Cherry Street to get on her school bus Monday morning. 

Investigators say the bus was stopped, had its stop arm out and lights flashing when it happened.  

Kelly Smith, a second grader at Gibson Elementary School, says she never saw the car until its side mirror hit her in the chin knocking her to the ground.  

“I was walking across the street to get on the bus and he ran over me,” says Smith with a bruised, swollen, scrapped chin.  

Kerry Smith, the girl’s father, says neither he or his daughter can understand why the driver passed a stopped bus, hit the child and didn’t stop. 

“For this car to go around three other cars and proceed through a bus with a stop sign out, I feel like somebody like that needs to go to jail because he could have actually killed my daughter,” Smith said.  

Police say witnesses tell them the car was a dark green Honda, but Smith says he was told it looked more like a black mustang that passed the bus and hit his daughter. 

Smith also says the car is missing a side mirror because it fell off when it hit his daughter.  

Anyone with any information can call the Winston-Salem Police Department.