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TAMPA (WFLA) — The rainy weather forced a lot of people inside over the weekend, and some reptiles, too.

A baby alligator wandered into the Wesley Chapel kitchen of Erika Venza before noon Sunday. She called her friend and neighbor Sazan Powers to come over and help coerce the 1-foot gator out again.

The women kept a safe distance away – on top of the kitchen counter, table and chairs as the gator hissed at them. When they couldn’t get anyone to come help, they used a Swiffer mop and a few squeals to guide the gator outside without hurting it.

“Keep going, keep going!” Powers said. “The door is right there.”

As the gator took off through the yard, she said, “Bye, Bro! Thanks for hanging out.”

Powers streamed the encounter live on Facebook for about 20 minutes, and viewers tried to offer their best advice for help.

“Love this great true story,” one commenter said.

“This is the most excitement I’ve had all week,” another said.

Courtesy of Sazan Powers

It’s believed the little gator came in from the draining pond in the back yard.

Gator stories are popular this time of year since it’s mating season in Florida.

Last week, a 10-feet gator was found under a car in Tampa. And another huge gator was found in a pool area in a Venice neighborhood.