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HIGH POINT, N.C. — The city is moving forward with its plan to clean up blighted areas which are usually homes that have been left abandoned and are now boarded up, have overgrown grass, or worse.

“Roof falling in, porches falling off, that kind of stuff,” said Michael McNair, director of community development and housing.

Currently, the city has about 240 cases against properties considered to be substandard, according to McNair.

Within the next few weeks, the city will be hiring four new code enforcement officers to do inspections.

City council members also set aside $500,000 for a redevelopment fund.

After making contact with a property owner, if he or she chooses not to make necessary repairs or if the property has been abandoned, code enforcement officers can recommend that the property be demolished.

City officials say isn’t just about appearances but property value.

“You’re property is worth more if it looks good and the properties around you look good,” McNair said.

McNair says neighbors are usually their biggest source of information.

“They’re ready for them to go,” he said.