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HIGH POINT, N.C. — The High Point Planning and Zoning Commission held its first public hearing on a property on Bame Road to allow a telecommunication tower.

Herb Shannon, with the commission, said the current ordinance for the area restricts structures at 50 feet. The request is proposing a 160-foot cell tower.

Faulk & Foster, a real estate group, has hired a consultant in Wilson to handle the zoning request.

Shannon said the group held a community meeting with neighbors in the affected area. Fred Bame, who has lived on Bame Road since 1945, attended.

“It’s just going to ruin the sight; see my house was built in 1740, that’s historical, I mean this whole community is a historical place and you don’t want some unsightly cell tower to be stuck up,” Bame said.

Bame said he and others reject the idea of a cell tower nearby because of health risks and said the tower would blight the neighborhood. Bame said the community had collected a petition with more than 100 signatures in disapproval.

Shannon said city council will take a vote in January.