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HIGH POINT, N.C. — For more than a year, much of the discussion in High Point has been centered around where and how to build a multi-use stadium.

Land was cleared late last week to make room for it.  Now the money needed to build it is secured.

Tuesday, city leaders were granted financing to help pay for the stadium.

They were asking the North Carolina Local Government Commission for permission to borrow millions of dollars to pay for it.

High Point leaders plan to pay back the money through property tax revenue and with other funds.

“Immediately what you are going to see are the final design for the stadium itself, the groundbreaking and the construction, so that the Atlantic League can play here in spring of 2019. So, we really have to move and move fast,” said Dr. Nido Qubein, High Point University president.

Qubein, who is a big part of making this project possible, says parallel to the construction of the stadium will be a children’s museum, park and playground.

He told FOX8 Tuesday that construction is set to begin in a month.

“This is like a domino effect. You are going to see apartments, you are going to see an office building. You are going to see hotels. All of sudden, think the next five years you are going to see a mega transformation in downtown High Point beginning immediately,” he said.

It’s a transformation process all being made possible now that city leaders can borrow millions of dollars to pay for the $36 million stadium.

“This is a big day for High Point, North Carolina. It proves that all is possible. It shows that even though the commissioners did not enthusiastically support this mission, the City of High Point was determined to transform downtown and to create pride in this community,” Qubein said.

The stadium expected to be complete by spring 2019.