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HIGH POINT, N.C. — High Point police said the city saw three car crashes in the last week due to drivers using opioids.

The first crash happened on Tuesday. Police found two adults passed out in the front seat of the car and two children were uninjured in the backseat.

Two other crashes happened on Monday. Police say two people were seriously injured and taken to the hospital in one crash that happened at the intersection of Hwy 311/74 and Business 85.

The third crash happened just a few hours later on Business 85 near Baker Road. A child was in that car when it veered off the road.

High Point is currently seeing a massive increase in heroin overdoses. Police say there was a 148% increase in overdoses in 2016.

High Point Police Captain Michael Kirk says the type of drugs people using are also much more dangerous than they once were.

“We have seen an increase not only in the amount of heroin, but the potency and that concerns us, the stuff that it’s laced with, we’ve seen a tremendous increase in the potency level,” he said.

Kirk also said the department has investigated several cases where heroin was involved in a serious car accident.

“We find a lot of those are on roadways or cars they may go somewhere where they feel comfortable, it’s a mobile spot where they do have some privacy,” he said.