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HIGH POINT, N.C. — Construction fencing surrounds BB&T Point in downtown High Point. But for the first time, the High Point City Council were allowed behind the barrier to see how construction is progressing.

“I drive by everyday,” High Point Mayor Jay Wagner said. “It’s fun to see the progress, the things you can’t see when you drive by.”

The council members saw every part of the $36 million multipurpose stadium. That includes the docking bay where food and supplies are delivered. Then the group made their way along a sun-filled hallway, a feature building designers are very proud of.

High Point leaders also checked out the small visitors locker room that is currently painted pink. Just down the hall, there’s the large home team locker room.

The High Point Rockers baseball team locker room will include a player’s lounge and weight room. Another locker room was also built for athletes representing other sports like football, soccer or lacrosse.

But what really caught the attention of the council members were the views from the main concourse. Members took pictures as crews prepared to pour concrete for the seats. And they looked over the future outfield to locations where additional construction will take place.

“There’s already been around $80 million in new investment,” Wagner said.

The next part of what council members call the “Catalyst Project” includes a hotel and apartment space. Wagner points to the additional development as a sign that the multipurpose field is more than just a baseball diamond.

“When you come this summer, you will see buildings coming out of the ground and get a feel of what the new downtown High Point will look like,” he said.

Project Manager Ryan Verstat led the High Point City Council tour. Verstat is proud of the work his team is doing. And thrilled that new investment and energy is coming to downtown High Point.

“Very excited. We live less than a mile from here. We will be coming here for years to come,” Verstat said.

Tall poles that will hold the field lights will go in soon. Capacity is about 4,400. But for outdoor concerts, the multipurpose stadium can hold over 5,000 visitors.

Construction workers are working seven days a week to make sure the High Point Rockers can take the field on May 2.