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HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — As gun permit applications surge, one business in High Point is getting out of the gun-selling business for good.

Owner of “Coins and Stuff” Jim Greene said the process of filing for a gun is just too much for him to handle.

Greene has been selling guns since 1980 and said it was a much easier transaction then than it is now.

According to North Carolina gun laws, the state does not allow for the sale or transfer of a handgun without a Pistol Purchase Permit or a North Carolina CCW permit held by anyone at the time of the purchase.

Greene says it’s not financially smart for him considering the amount of time to process and file forms, as well as contacting the FBI and ATF.

“There’s a lot of difference now. It wasn’t much of a hassle back then. Just come in and have a permit,” he said.

Greene said the transaction of a gun purchase is long and daunting, sometimes the FBI may call back in an hour or it may take weeks to come back before the gun leaves the store.

“It’s not just walking in and buying a gun,” he said. “Oh, no, forget that.”

Greene said, even though he isn’t selling guns anymore, he will still sell ammunition and more jewelry, giving his undivided attention to every customer.