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On Monday, April 27, at 10 a.m., WGHP will transition to a new over-the-air broadcast frequency.  This means that consumers who receive their local channels using a TV antenna will need to rescan their TV set to ensure their TV recognizes WGHP.  The rescan process is the same process consumers had to do when they initially set-up their TVs.

To rescan your TV:

1. Go to the MENU from the remote. It may say MENU or SETUP.

2. In the menu look for wording that refers to SCAN CHANNELS or SCAN ANTENNA

3. Make sure you are scanning the over the air TV channels and not the cable channels. These is two separate scans and will be noted as such.

4. Depending on the TV it may take a few minutes for the scan.

5. If after a scan you have lost channels that were there before the scan, disconnect the antenna from the TV and do a scan again without the antenna. After the rescan, reconnect your antenna and rescan a second time. This should restore any lost channels.

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