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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Production at the world’s largest Herbalife plant in Winston-Salem began Friday.

So far approximately 230 production and administration have been filled.

Winston-Salem Plant Manager Mike Locke said Friday employees began the weighing and batch mixing process for their products.

Most of the products made in Winston-Salem will be shipped overseas to 80 countries for distribution and purchasing.

Locke said because different countries have different standards it may take three months to two years to register to products with the health registry.

Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce President Gayle Anderson said that production line work was exactly what the county needed.

“They’ve been very pleased with the quality of the work force,” Anderson said. “So far they say that everything has been going well, the city has been out there to support them with everything that they need.”

Locke said they are still hiring.

By the end of this year they plan to have 295 employees on staff and with room for expansion. By the end of 2015, 560 to 570 positions should be filled.