Helicopter crews help install new FOX8 antenna

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You may have noticed your FOX8 signal has been a little off lately, but everything should be fine now.

Officials worked on the FOX8 antenna Sunday for the FCC required “repack” project.

In late April to early May, the FOX8 television channel will be changed from over-the-air channel 35 to channel 31. 

You will need to rescan after this work is completed if you watch FOX8 via an antenna. 

FOX8 will still appear as channel 8 on antenna viewers, but just like now, the broadcast channel will be a different channel. 

There will be a viewer crawl of information 30 days before the switch which will tell you about the change.

A Sky Crane helicopter removed an antenna off of the top of the FOX8 television tower, and the signal was back to full power at 2: 16 p.m.

A tower crew was ready on the tower and once the helicopter arrived, they unbolted the old antenna and attached it to the helicopter crane. 

That old antenna was then removed. The helicopter refueled then went and picked up the new antenna, which was already on-site and will eventually be used for the new channel. 

That antenna was lifted by the helicopter crane all the way to the top of the tower where the same tower crew was waiting for it. 

When the helicopter was up top with the antenna, the tower crew guided it into position and bolted it down. 

Antennas will still broadcast the current channel 35 and will continue to do so up until the transition is done. 

The tower crew will continue to work through this next week to get all parts connected to the new antenna to prepare for the transition.

The entire process from the helicopter showing up on-site to leaving took around one hour.   

The Randolph County Sheriffs Office helped FOX8 by closing the road.

The helicopter crew is from Erickson which is based out of Oregon, and the tower crew is Stainless based out of Lansdale.

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