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HIGH POINT, N.C. — As temperatures dropped this week, so did the heat in multiple schools across Guilford County. Parents called FOX8 saying their kids were freezing in class.

Guilford County Schools said Ferndale Middle School had no heat Wednesday morning. A district spokesperson said the dip in temperatures caused the boiler in the building to need to be reset.

Temperatures dropped into the 20s after an unseasonably warm January.

It took a toll on aging infrastructure in Guilford County — including the boilers at Ferndale, Swann and Southeast middle schools.

Frustrated parents reached out to FOX8 saying they weren’t notified about the outage by the district and that something needs to be done.

A district spokesperson tells FOX8 space heaters were brought into the schools without heat and that the problem was being worked on. FOX8 asked if a record was kept of how many outages a school has each year and was told there is no such thing.

“They didn’t say anything about it. They were just, we kind of figured it out because one of our classes was hot and the other was cold. So we knew something was not right,” Ferndale eighth grader Kierstin Strouse said.

Since Wednesday morning, the boiler has been fixed and the heat is now back on at Ferndale. The heat is also back on in Swann and Southeast middle schools.