(WGHP) — Back pain can have many causes.

From sleeping weird to straining while doing heavy lifting, aches and pains are a hazard. Most of the time, this is easy to alleviate at home.

However, there are some situations in which back pain can be worth talking to a doctor about.

 What are the most common causes?

  • Muscular strain
  • Arthritis
  • Bulging/herniated discs
  • Osteoporosis

What at-home remedies are recommended?

  • Work on range of motion: strengthening of core, lower back and neck muscles
  • Massage, heat/ice application
  • Stay active
  • Maintain healthy weight
  • Smoking cessation

When should you see a doctor?

  • Pain radiating into arms or legs
  • Numbness, tingling, weakness into arms or legs
  • If your back pain is accompanied by loss of bowel or bladder control, it is an emergency situation

What are other ways to prevent pain?

  • Avoid hunched positions
  • Use chairs with lumbar support
  • Standing desks can also help
  • Always use proper lifting technique: lift with your legs, not your back