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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — Wake Forest University will require either proof of a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot or an approved exemption for all faculty, staff and students for the spring 2022 semester, according to a statement released by the university.

All students who have not been approved for a medical or religious exemption must provide proof of receiving the vaccine booster no later than Jan. 7, 2022.

Students can find details on how to upload vaccine information here.

Students who are ineligible to receive a booster by Jan. 7 because of the date when they became fully vaccinated will be given a two-week grace period after becoming eligible.

People are eligible to receive the booster two months after receiving the Johnson and Johnson vaccination or six months after receiving the Pfizer or Moderna vaccination.

The deadline to provide proof of receiving the vaccine booster is two weeks after becoming eligible.

Students studying abroad in the spring semester on Wake Forest-sponsored programs must provide proof of receiving the vaccine booster no later than Jan. 3, 2022. Students with booster eligibility dates beyond Jan. 3 or after the start of their abroad program will receive additional details from the study abroad office.

Students who were not enrolled at Wake Forest during the fall semester must submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination, including a booster (if eligible), and an influenza vaccination (or request medical or religious exemptions) prior to arriving on campus. In addition, documentation of state-mandated vaccines is required no later than Feb. 9.

Students who are participating in any Wake Forest-sponsored activities before asymptomatic testing resumes on Jan. 11 and who either 1) have been approved for a vaccination exemption or 2) who are eligible for a booster but have not received one must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test to participate. Tests will need to be scheduled off-campus by the student and taken within 48 hours prior to when the activity is scheduled to begin.

Faculty and staff who are eligible to receive a booster as of Dec. 31, 2021, must provide proof of receiving a vaccine booster no later than Jan. 31, 2022.

Faculty and staff who will be abroad for the spring semester must receive a booster no later than Jan. 3.

Human Resources will distribute additional information, including how to provide documentation via Workday, in next week’s Updates from Human Resources newsletter.

Vaccine boosters are widely available, and you can visit to find a location for an appointment. Learn more about the benefits of boosters from the CDC and from Dr. Chris Ohl, an infectious disease expert at the Wake Forest School of Medicine (Video: students | faculty & staff).

COVID-19 vaccine exemptions

Faculty, staff and students who were approved for a medical or religious exemption for the COVID-19 vaccination are also exempt from the booster vaccination requirement and do not need to take any further action.

There are no exemptions for students studying abroad on Wake Forest-sponsored programs.

Students can submit a request for a medical or religious exemption, which is specific to the COVID-19 booster vaccination. A medical exemption request requires a doctor to provide a detailed explanation of why you should be exempt.

The university urges students to give their doctor’s office sufficient time to complete the form and allow enough time for our medical director to review.

Face coverings

Winston-Salem continues to require face coverings for indoor public spaces.

Even if this mayoral requirement is no longer in place in January of 2022, Wake Forest University will continue to require face coverings indoors at the start of the spring 2022 semester.