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(WGHP) — With flu season officially underway, some Triad pharmacies are busy administering a number of vaccines, including COVID shots and boosters.

Pharmacists at Prevo Drug in Asheboro say demand for flu vaccines is up, with approximately 300-400 people already vaccinated so far this season.

Last season, they administered about 1,300 flu vaccines in total.

Owner and pharmacist Ashley Duggins explained qualified pharmacy students have helped ease the burden on staff members.

“It’s a wonderful place to be, but it’s also a stressful place to be,” she said of the workload.

Friendly Pharmacy’s fridge in Greensboro is stocked with three brands of COVID vaccines, and two different varieties of flu shots.

Operations Manager Shana Leggett said the pharmacy is able to accommodate demand, but they feel some of the strain.

“Not only do you have quarantines and things like that, but we also have a lot of moms that work here, so children are out. For us, the best thing that has been is scheduling the COVID vaccines and the boosters,” she explained.

Duggins said more people also tell her it’s their first time taking a flu vaccine.

“Some of those folks I have they’re like, it’s my first time but I did well with the COVID vaccine so I’m going to get this one as well,” Duggins said.

While health experts say you can get both a COVID booster and a flu shot at the same time, pharmacists haven’t seen many people doubling up at a single appointment.

“A lot of people like to distance them a little bit just to see the immune response to both of them, whether or not they get an immune response to the booster or to the flu shot. I don’t think many people want to get knocked out having a reaction to both of them,” Leggett said.

Both pharmacies require appointments for COVID shots and boosters, however, flu shots are available to walk-in patients.