(WGHP) — Several clinics in the Triad are now providing COVID-19 shots for children as young as six months old, but children under five will not be able to get vaccinated at a Publix pharmacy.

Hannan Herring, a Publix spokesperson, said the grocery chain and pharmacy retailer is not going to release a statement regarding the vaccination decision, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

The Publix website shows that vaccine appointments are available for children ages 5 and up.

The company still offers other child vaccinations, including the flu shot for babies as young as 6 months.

Kristine Crosby, owner of Carolina Community Behavioral Services Lab in Greensboro, told FOX8 the clinic was fully stocked with 10 children’s Moderna vaccine vials, and they expect a shipment of children’s Pfizer vaccine vials later this week.  

“Hopefully, we’ll stay stocked up, so that we can continue to service the community as the need grows,” she said. 

Crosby said getting children vaccinated is around a 30-minute process, including the 15-minute post-shot watch for any reactions.  

“You fill out a couple questionnaires…then you’re pretty much ready to get vaccinated,” Crosby said. 

A mother from Greensboro was one of the first in line at the clinic to get her three-year-old vaccinated Tuesday. She asked FOX8 to not share her name. 

“We’re so glad our entire family can be included in that,” she said. “Our son generally has not been a fan of shots, and he didn’t even notice it.”

She told FOX8 that the COVID-19 vaccine gives her peace of mind as her son starts preschool in the fall. 

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