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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Vaccine hesitancy is one of the biggest things health experts have battled through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Juan Mancera, 42, has been in and out of the hospital for the last two weeks. His wife Veronica describes him as a healthy man with no underlying conditions.

“Never would I have imagined I would be going through this,” she said.

The father of five is in the ICU with oxygen helping him breathe as he lies in bed at Wesley Long Hospital.

“This just happened so fast, everyone says he’s so young, he’s going to make it through, but he just seems to be declining,” Veronica said.

Juan spent the last three days sedated on a ventilator.

Veronica said she is regretting that she and her husband did not get vaccinated sooner.

“We felt we could have waited until more people were vaccinated; I don’t know, we were scared,” she said.

She battled COVID too. It started two weeks ago with a sore throat and body aches.

“He was afraid of the same exact thing that’s happening,” she said.

Four days after that, Juan started struggling with his breathing.

“He says, ‘If I go, I’m not coming back.’ He didn’t want to because he was so afraid. Now it’s happening,” she said.

Veronica said she plans to get a spot for her shot as soon as she can.

“It’s better to go ahead and get it and hope for the best, than to not, and wonder if I would have done this,” she said. “This virus is real, it’s real. If you’re able to, go ahead and get vaccinated.”

Veronica does not know where her husband got the virus and doctors have not been able to trace it back to one source.

She prays daily for her husband, who is also a grandfather of four, to get through this.