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Cone Health is putting the final touches on a clinic geared toward those still battling the long-term side effects of COVID-19.

The Post-COVID Care Clinic on North Elam Avenue, across from Wesley Long Hospital, will be a first stop for patients with chronic symptoms.

A provider at the clinic will be able to treat more minor issues like prolonged cough on-site, and evaluate and triage patients to lung, kidney, or cardiac specialists if needed.

Dr. Olu Jegede said headache, severe fatigue, and PTSD can accompany time spent in the ICU fighting the virus.

Known as COVID long haulers, patients can face an uphill battle months after they leave hospitals like Cone’s Green Valley Campus.

“The one that is most troubling is the memory loss or deficit and they will need to be seen by a neurologist for ongoing care,” Jegede said.

The health system has treated more than 4,700 COVID-19 patients in hospitals across the Triad since April.

Jegede said there’s a clear need for this kind of care.

“Up to a third of patients with COVID have had these persistent symptoms. some that didn’t have any symptoms their first two weeks have been known to develop symptoms in the 4 weeks, 6 weeks down the road,” he said.

Cone will use a temporary space at the LeBauer Medical Center until they secure a more permanent location.

“We are creating negative pressure in the rooms where patients can be seen, we are making sure that it is the right place for our patients when they show up,” Jegede said.

To sign up for Cone’s clinic, call (336) 323-5280.