‘Text neck’ can cause serious medical problems

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — There’s just no denying it, texting can help people connect. It feels good, but what it is likely doing to your body feels anything but.

“You’re a lot more slouched forward, your head hangs over; [it causes] strain to your neck, to the joints to the muscles,” said Novant Health’s Keith Harzberger. “I see more and more people coming in with problems from this. Even as young as 10 and 12 years old. Down the road, it can cause degenerative disc disease.”

The average American sends or receives about 50 text messages daily.

“The head weighs about 10 pounds, roughly the size and weight of a bowling ball, but when you lean forward, the head creates more pressure and strain and to your body so it feels like it’s more like 60 pounds. There’s a term for it, ‘text neck,'” said Harzberger.

He says people should hold their phones up while they text, parallel with their ears, as if they were taking a selfie, to keep from hunching over. Also, for iPads or other mobile devices you use while sitting down in a chair or the couch, use pillows to prop it up.

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