Hawaiian couple who lost neighborhood to lava finds new paradise in Eden


EDEN, N.C. — As lava slowly took over their Hawaiian neighborhood, Shelia and Kevin Webb fled their island paradise, only to end up in another heavenly location.

FOX8 first met the couple nearly two years ago when they arrived in Eden. They weren’t sure about their next move, but Kevin Webb knew that he wanted to restart his clock and watch business.

“I love doing this,” Kevin Webb said. “I’ve been doing this for 26 years. Prior, I was a tool and die maker. So I’ve been building or repairing something.”

From Roanoke to Raleigh, the Webbs searched for a spot to open their business. As it turns out, Eden was the place to be. The couple found a space on Kings Highway. “The Clock Doc” shop was born.

“People have driven as much as two hours away just to bring us work because he is an extremely skilled individual,” Shelia Webb said.

Along with repairing clocks and watches, the Webbs sell hand-crafted heirloom clocks and unique time pieces that will definitely catch your eye and hear. Kevin Webb pointed to a clock on the wall that plays music every hour while a tiny couple dances and kiss.

“They are all a little bit different, like people,” Kevin Webb said. “You can get two clocks from a company that are the same but they will sound different.”

While they did their research, the Webbs are still a bit surprised that their clock and watch business is succeeding in the digital age. The workshop is filled with clocks that need repair. It’s easy for Kevin Webb to lose track of time.

“I do it all of the time,” Kevin Webb said.

“I tease him all of the time, he is perpetually late,” said Shelia Webb.

The couple is happy in Eden. No one is rewinding the clock to go back to Hawaii. But when you see Shelia’s hair bow, it has a bit of the “Aloha Spirit.”

“Oh yeah, got to have my flower,” Shelia Webb said. “Girls got to have flowers in her hair.”

The Webbs say they remain busy because people are looking to keep their heirloom watches and specialty clocks going so families can pass them down to the next generation.

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