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TIJUANA, Mexico — A man high on “a cocktail of drugs” leaped off a bridge while being chased by police — and walked away like it was nothing.

According to the Mirror, Hilario Guajardo was captured on dash cam video jumping off a highway bridge to escape from police. After falling to the road below, Guajardo stood up and walked away apparently uninjured.

Officers were called after reports of a disturbance. They found Guajardo stripped to the waist and trying to start a fight.

Guajardo, 35, fled from police and ran off down a main highway before being faced with another patrol on the far side of the bridge.

As officers moved in, Guajardo vaulted off the bridge. Motorist Jorge Jr. Fosado Lopez caught the leap on his dash cam.

“I saw him crash to the ground and was expecting him to stay lying on the ground but he just got up and walked off with no visible sign of injury,” he said, according to the Mirror.

Officers eventually captured Guajardo. They posted this to their Facebook page: “This incident highlights the sort of danger officers face on a daily basis when dealing with people who have taken a cocktail of drugs.

“It makes them do things that they would never normally dream of, they put their own lives and the lives of others in danger, and also in some cases seem to have almost superhuman abilities to ignore pain.”