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BRANSON, Mo.- Lynn Kellogg Simpers, known as Lynn Kellogg, died last week from COVID-19; she was 77.

According to a story from the New York Times, her husband John Simpers, said she had been infected at a recent gathering in a large theater in Branson.

“She had a non-life-threatening Leukemia so that was the big problem when she got COVID,” said John. “Coupled with that Leukemia is disastrous.”

Lynn Kellogg was an Emmy and Peabody award winner and is a part of the Grammy Hall of Fame. Her husband of 25 years said even though, she has those awards, she never showed them off.

“She is probably one of the most modest people I’ve ever met,” said John. “She knew a lot of people. I was 5 hours on the phone on Saturday. 5 hours. People calling me, people upset, just all over the place, all over the country. It’s amazing and it’s still happening now.”

Kellogg, known for her role as Shelia in “Hair”, also made many late-night talk show appearances and had a role in the Elvis Presley western “Charro”.

Later in her life, Kellogg devoted her time to Christian music ministry around the Ozarks; she lived in Omaha, Arkansas.

“She came out here and she enjoyed singing Christian music all the time,” said John. “It’s hard to sit in the house when she’s not there. It’s a nasty disease we’re dealing with, this virus.”

Her publicist told Ozarks First she was airlifted to a hospital in St. Louis, where she later died.

Kellogg is survived by her husband, John Simpers, sister Ede Kellogg Morris, brothers John and Harry Kellogg, stepson son Justin Simpers, and grandson Austin Noah Simpers.