Habitat for Humanity stopping construction for 15 days amid coronavirus pandemic


GREENSBORO, N.C. — Habitat for Humanity is stopping construction for 15 days.

Their ReStores will also be closed for two weeks.

Kenley Harris and his wife Yolanda have waited a while to move into their home on Llano Court.

They first thought they would celebrate Christmas there.

Then the move was set for March, but the coronavirus just put that plan on hold.

“I’ve been wanting to move in for a while but I mean it is what it is. I mean we can’t do anything about this virus going around,” Kenley Harris said.

They lost their home in the April 2018 tornado.

From the outside their new home looks complete, but it’s not yet ready for people.

David Kolosieke, president and chief executor officer of Habitat for Humanity said it’s best for all of them to heed the warnings and follow organization leaders in terms of protecting the community from the spread of the virus.

Thursday morning internal staff put some finishing touches on a home on Hampton Park Trail before shutting down.

“What they were doing was just getting that last first wall up and wrapping up the site. So, packing everything up, tighten everything up, making sure it can hold against the elements for the next two weeks,” Kolosieke said.

After the 15 days of work stoppage, organizers will reassess the recommendations and decide if it’s safe for crews to return to work.

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