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HIGH POINT, N.C. — Two reality show characters from the show “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding” were arrested at a wedding Sunday, accused of stealing from the bride.

Elvis and Eden Boswell, of West Virginia, are each charged with one count of felony larceny.

According to a High Point police report and information presented in court Monday, Eden Boswell was the maid of honor in a friend’s wedding this past weekend. Before the ceremony, the bride realized her purse was missing along with the wedding rings and $1,000 in honeymoon cash.

A family member told police she witnessed Eden Boswell in her maid of honor dress carrying the bride’s purse earlier in the day. She also identified Eden Boswell based on the angel wing tattoos on her back.

Police say Eden and Elvis denied stealing the purse.

During their first appearance in a High Point courtroom Monday morning, the D.A. explained, “Eden Boswell, the defendant, stole the bride’s purse and took it to her truck where her husband Elvis Boswell was waiting. The couple then hid the purse in the back of the truck but accidentally locked themselves out of the truck before Elvis could leave.”

According to the D.A., when police arrived, officers asked the Boswells if they could search the truck.

Police said the couple agreed to a search if officers were able to get into the truck. “Police were able to get in, much to the suspects’ surprise,” the D.A. said in court.

The responding officers said they found the bride’s purse, the wedding rings and some of the missing cash in the Boswell’s truck. The total value of the stolen property was $6,100. According to the police report, $5,800 worth of property was recovered. $300 cash was missing.

The honeymoon cash had apparently been specially marked. “Some of the money was missing. Elvis was searched and a $100 bill was found in his pocket. The $100 bill had ‘honeymoon’ written on it,” the D.A. told Judge Tabatha Holliday.

Police arrested Elvis and Eden.

The wedding ceremony was delayed Sunday but did happen later in the day.

The bride said she was devastated and asked FOX8 to not report her name. The bride and groom were still able to go on their honeymoon.

In court Monday, the Boswells both asked Judge Holliday to consider a lesser bond.

“If it’s a problem with me going back to West Virginia and reducing my bond or anything, I can stay in the state of North Carolina with my grandmother and my dad,” Eden told the judge.

Elvis said, “I’d be grateful if you could lower my bond so I can help get my wife out. Because she’s eight months pregnant as it is. So I would be really grateful if you could do that.”

A family member confirmed Eden Boswell is eight months pregnant.

In court, the D.A. said Elvis has a record of fraud-related charges in West Virginia. Eden does not have a prior criminal record, he added.

The judge left Eden’s secured bond at $6,100, the value of the stolen property. She increased Elvis’ secured bond from $6,100 to $10,000.

The D.A. explained in court, the bride’s mother was especially upset because her daughter had worked hard for the money they saved for the honeymoon.

“Other family members were concerned about relatives of the suspects coming down from West Virginia to cause problems. The suspects are part of a gypsy clan and both, according to them, cause problems,” he said.

“Both suspects confirmed they were part of a gypsy community and even bragged about being on the TV show ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Season 2.’ This was confirmed,” the D.A. told Judge Holliday.

The Boswells are set to appear in court again Aug. 8.

Wedding picture in video courtesy of TLC.