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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Figuring out where local children are struggling the most with remote learning has been a big concern with students taking classes from home. 

On Dec. 8, the Guilford County School District will begin testing its youngest students to find out where they need help the most. 

It’s through a partnership with the Northwest Evaluation Association.  

Students will take an assessment that maps growth in math, reading, language skills and science. 

“This assessment will help understand which skills and topics students understand well and what else they need to tackle in order to get to grade level understanding,” said Dr. Whitney Oakley, GCS chief academic officer. 

The 25 to 55-minute online assessment will test students in Kindergarten through 10th grade on their math and reading skills.

Unlike most assessments, Superintendent Dr. Sharon Contreras told FOX8 that students aren’t taking it for a grade. 

“This is not graded. It is diagnostic, so we don’t want parents or students to be fearful that we’re using this…against children in some way. This is meant to help not only our teachers, not only our students but to help parents understand where their children are,” Dr. Contreras explained. 

The district will receive students’ results as soon as they complete the assessment.  

The goal, Dr. Contreras says, is to get students who are having trouble back on track and to figure out the best way to help them master concepts.  

“We’re not going to spend our time thinking about how to penalize students for the pandemic. We’re going to spend our time thinking about how we fill in the gaps and how we accelerate learning,” Dr. Contreras said. “Not everything is a critical skill, so we want to narrow that down so that students aren’t just sitting and looking at the screen for eight hours.”

Students will have the option to take the test at school or at home and can do so on weeknights or weekends if need be. 

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