Guilford County man leaves cooler full of snacks out for mail carriers

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — In rain, snow and even extreme heat, mail carriers are out making sure you get your letters and notices.

“One day the mail lady came by and she was sweating,” Jerry Morphis said. “I just felt sorry for her, and I just felt like I could do something to make her more comfortable.”

Morphis began by leaving out water and that evolved into a cooler full of snacks.

“I’ve been blessed, and you can’t help but pass a little bit along,” Morphis said.

Six days a week, he fills the cooler with things like water, another drink, a cookie and an apple. Morphis has been walking the small coolers full of snacks out to his mailbox for longer than he can remember.

“I don’t know how long it’s been…it’s been years,” Morphis said.

He says he’s continued to do it because it makes him feel good.

“I’m retired, and I’ve got nothing else to do,” Morphis said. “I don’t know what the big fuss is.”

Morphis said his wife of more than 60 years used to help, but she passed away in March of last year.

“She’d make sure I put it out,” Morphis said. “I didn’t know you could miss anybody so bad.”

Even without his high school sweetheart, he continues to hang different coolers on his mailbox so the carrier can swap them out.

“She picks up the full one and she switches them out every day like that,” Morphis said.

He thinks other people would do more things like this if they just knew how good it felt.

“It’s like waking up and seeing the sunshine and being able to get out of bed and not have pain and being able to do most of anything you want to do,” Morphis said.

FOX8 was not able to get in contact with a postal worker for comment, but it’s safe to say that Jerry’s efforts are appreciated by the mail carriers.

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