Guilford County home being given away — but there’s a catch

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — As you drive down Lake Jeanette Road in Greensboro, there’s a bright red sign that’s getting a lot of attention.

“I asked my sign guy to give me a down and dirty, easy to read sign,” says Greensboro developer Bill Yearns.

The sign is in the front yard of one of one of the original homes built on Lake Jeanette Road. Bob Cavanaugh lives nearby. People are always stopping and asking him if the message on the sign true.

“One person walked by and asked, ‘They got to be kidding?’ A free house. It has caught some attention,” he said.

The house is free if you pay for the home mover, fees, permits and utility cost associated with moving a house. Yearns’ company, Granville Homes, is ready to begin building 28 luxury townhomes off of Lake Jeanette Road. So the 60-year-old home needs to go.

“It cost money to demo this house. Plus it has some sentimental value to the owners. If it can be preserved, someone to use it as a rental or a place to live,” says Yearns.

The home means a lot of Bonnie Kuester. She moved into the Lake Jeanette Road home when she was just a toddler. She hates to see her childhood home be moved from its wooded location. But she is pleased that future families will be able to explore the woods Granville Homes will preserve.

“We would hope that families living on this property will have the same experience and children will learn to enjoy the outside,” she said.

Granville Homes hopes the Lake Jeanette Road house can be moved soon. More information about the house is available at (336) 442-1021.

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