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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — The 3D scanners used by the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office record digital images and measurements of crime scenes.

The 3D scanner made by Faro takes millions of laser images in a panoramic form in color and black and white.

The 3D technology software is made by a company in Durham.

The images can be viewed by detectives to get clarity on a case or by the jury if ever a case goes to court.

Depending on the amount of scans, Sgt. Patricia Wisneski said though the images can take several hours to load and assemble, the end result is worth the time.

“Juries and even the attorneys, the DA’s and the defense attorneys, everybody tends to be visual,” Wisneski said. “So while you’re trying to explain how something was and you take photos and even do video, it’s different when you actually see a perspective where you’ve actually got the measurements.”

The scanner has been used in the Browns Summit and High Point homicide investigations.

“This does not take the place of photography at all,” Wisneski said. “What this takes the place of is sketching measurements.”

Wisneski said the entire system, including the camera and software, costs about $65,000.

The expenses were paid for with money used in criminal seizures.