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GREENSBORO, N.C. — A new space in Greensboro’s Glenwood Community will help provide resources for pet owners who may need extra assistance.

According to Guilford County Animal Services Director Jorge Ortega, Glenwood has been identified as one of the county’s high call volume areas.

In addition to responding to nuisance calls and loose dogs, Ortega said staff members regularly provide food assistance.

“On a weekly basis and (through) the relationship with the People’s Market here at the church, we’re averaging anywhere from 300-350 pounds of pet food that we’re giving out to the community,” he said.

Funded by grant money, Animal Services will staff a leased space inside Christ United Methodist Church.

The goal is providing resources for spaying and neutering, food, and materials for kids.

“Now that we’re here the real work starts,” Ortega said.

He explained that once an animal arrives at the shelter for surrender, it’s often too late for staff to help.

By going out into the community proactively, the county hopes to keep pets in their homes.

“We want to make sure that the community knows we’re here, they can knock on our door and we’re willing to listen to what their pet needs might be, and if we can help we’re definitely going to try and help,” Ortega said.

People living and working near the church said they’d support the extra effort.

“Most people take in pets not knowing the actual responsibility it takes to raise one,” Ali Maanaki, who is raising a puppy.

“Sometimes they end up neglecting the pets or giving them up, or the easiest route of just letting them go.”

Staff members are still deciding the weekly hours for the space.