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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Three Grimsley High School students have been charged in connection with alleged prostitution, according to police.

The incident happened at the school and was reported on May 1.

One student was charged with solicitation, one with prostitution and another with abetting prostitution, Greensboro Police spokeswoman Susan Danielsen said. The three students are all under 16-years-old.

Greensboro Police say the incident happened during a tutoring session and involved $20. Police also confirm that one male and two females were involved.

Grimsley High parents say they can’t believe something like this allegedly happened at the school.

“I hope it’s not true. Let the facts play out, and see what the truth is,” said Grimsley High parent Steve Eury.

Greensboro Police aren’t releasing the names of the students, but did say they believe only the three students charged were involved.