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GREENSBORO, N.C. — A Greensboro woman who was recently furloughed without pay wants others to be aware of employment scams.

Jessica Rebolledo was furloughed from her retail job because of COVID-19.

She tried to file for unemployment benefits, but like thousands of other people, she couldn’t get anywhere with receiving help.

In hopes of finding another job, she went on a popular job search website to see if there were any immediate openings.

She came across a post that looked promising.

“I went ahead and applied and they emailed me back the night of saying, ‘Hey, that position has been filled, unfortunately, but go ahead and apply for this one,’” she said.

Rebolledo applied for a position where she would earn money running errands to set up a new office.

She received emails from the address associated with the name Kiah Jimez.

In one of the emails, she was told she would receive a check for $935 to cover her first assignment and salary.

She was told to deposit the check and get $300 in cash back and that the rest of the money would be available in 24 hours.

She was asked to email a deposit receipt.

Rebolledo shared the information with her mother who was skeptical about the details.

After she took the information to a colleague who is a paralegal, Rebolledo learned it was a scam.

She’s thankful she didn’t lose money and stopped communicating with the person behind the correspondence.

During times that are tough for thousands of families, Rebolledo wants others in similar situations to keep remain cautious.

“I think they realize people are in a very vulnerable state of mind right now, and just like me, will jump on the first thing they see,” she said.