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GREENSBORO, N.C. — A Greensboro woman has been invited to the White House to live tweet the arrival of a major international political figure next week.

Joy Cook will head to Washington D.C. March 14, when British Prime Minister David Cameron arrives on the White House’s south lawn

“The White House Tweetup is an initiative by the White House to bring together influential tweet masters to the rest of the world through social media,” Cook said. “I expect to engage Greensboro, the state, the country and the world.”

Cook can easily be called a “tweet master,” as she poses several hundred times a day across several accounts.

“Twitter is the one medium where you can hit one button and get your message to millions of people instantly for free,” Cook said.

Cook is the strategic communications director of the Welfare Reform Liaison Project. Her boss, Rev. Odell Cleveland, said she has taught him a thing or two about Twitter.

“This whole thing with social media–it’s real,” Cleveland said. “It’s not a toy. It’s a tool that can affect our bottom line. We embrace it.”

Cook’s personal Twitter account is @JoyCookPR. The project’s account is @wrlp.